Els Arenals, Formentera

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One of the most breathtaking and relaxing spots I’ve had the chance to visit on several occasions is Els Arenals, in Formentera. Lazing in the sun on this long sandy beach featuring crystal clear shallow waters makes anyone feel a heavenly place is within easy reach.

             Blended with distinct blue shades, the sky overlooking Els Arenals instills visitors with an overpowering energy so captivating and magic that time seems to freeze, contrasting strikingly with the boiling temperatures in summer. Sky and earth gracefully come close together in the early hours of the day, when in my view, it is the best time to pay homage to the elements.

             The charming lure of crystal clear and turquoise waters invites beach goers and happy-go-lucky tourists, Italians above all, to indulge in the pleasures of deep cleansing for the soul, simple bathing, amateur snorkeling, or romantic love encounters. One goofy tip: do not attempt to chase any of the enticing tiny squid, let alone any apparently easy-to-catch colorful fish, for they are still smarter than any sassy human, and unlike us, in their element they can’t be fooled.

             Lying peacefully on the cosy fluffy sandy beach will definitely be conducive to releasing whatever degree of stress ingrained. Els Arenals’ golden and blue colors welcome everyone into the realm of relaxation and peace. If you are a yoga lover, you will certainly experience the most authentic sun salutation ever. Besides, the energy levels of your charkas will be at their highest, so let them flow within you peacefully.

             Lie back and relax at any of the several hippie-looking, though high-end, chiringuitos (I love this Spanish word!) scattered along the beach and splash out on a fresh local fish dish or an exquisite homemade specialty. Let go of any nagging concerns and listen to the groovy beach sounds and soaring melodies surrounding the mellow Balearic atmosphere.

             If you are keen on chilling out on the beach, going for a swim, sipping a freshly squeezed juice or a fruity cocktail, and listening to the coolest tunes, Els Arenals is the perfect place for your next long-awaited holidays after a long snowy Siberian winter.              

© Virginia Manzanares Azofra

Teacher at the EOI “El Fuero de Logroño”


March 2010


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