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By M. Eizaguirre.

The last film that I have seen is “Little Miss Sunshine”.
I saw the film in the Official Language School.

The film was directed by Johathan Dayton and Valery Faris. The film was in English and subtitled in English too.

Thp161258_d_v7_aae film tells the story of a curious American family.  The daughter is seven years old and her name is Olive. She is the winner in a beauty contest: “ Little Miss Sunshine”.

All the family set out on a trip to California in an old van that has several breakdowns during the journey. During the trip the family suffers several mishaps but finally they get Olive to take part in the beauty contest.

Olive carries out a funny performance which is a caricature of the beauty contest. All the family support the girl during the event although some spectators don´t like the show.

It is a funny film and I liked it very much.

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