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By María Ángeles Camprovín Rojo.

apartheidIn  full XXI century, it would want to throw the sight backward only twenty years ago.

On April 27, but of 1994, the first multiracial elections were celebrated in South Africa, putting end to a raw period known as the «Apartheid».
«Apartheid» in the «Afrikáans» ‘ language, which is spoken in South Africa and Namibia, it meant «separation» and, the above mentioned separation was bearing the creation of different places depending on the racial groups.

All of this, also excluded the possibility of marrying or to support carnal between blacks and whites. Thus, like only white people could exercise the right to vote, in spite of being a minority of 21 % of the population, they had the power assured.

The above mentioned system of racial segregation concluded in 1992, but it was not until May 9 of that year when the majority of the population by means of their vote decided that Nelson Mandela, known as » Madiba «, on May 10, 1994 took  possession of the presidency.
After 27 years like political prisoner due to his struggle against the above mentioned movement, when he was 72 years old, a South African was sworn as the first black president.

In spite of his recent death, the last December 5, millions of people around all the world remembered his work, which persists thanks to his foundation. All of that teaches a great lesson of life to us, since not everything is white or black, the blood of everybody is red and the soul must be pure to help in the personal things without be leaving to influence for the superficial things.

He gave us a great lesson and his struggle deserves to be remembered, as everybodywho lived through the above mentioned unjustified massacre.apartheid3

 María Ángeles Camprovín Rojo

English – Intermediate 2

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