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Por M.G. de Básico 2 W (inglés)

One of the things that really drives me mad is my village, Tirgo. Yes, it’s an authentic passion!

My mother was born there and her family has always lived in this place. We get on very well with each other and at least, once a week, we have lunch all together.

You’re probably wondering which the reason why I love this village so much is, aren’t you? Well, the answer is very easy.

I spent there my childhood and I keep many wonderful memories of these years. I was only a child but I felt free and I could do a lot things that I couldn’t do in my city.  A city is always more dangerous than a village, you know…

When I was a teenager, I started going out with my friends each Saturday night. Those were amazing years! We went to the parties of the nearby villages and we had a really, really, good time together. Certainly, we’ve been very close since we were children, there has been a strong bond since then.

These times flow, and nowadays, once I’ve grown up, and I enjoy Tirgo in other ways. In fact, now, it’s the best place to relax, to go for a walk along the paths in the fields, to meet old friends and to have a fantastic time with my family. So… it’s life!

If you have the possibility of visiting Tirgo, don’t doubt it and go there. I’m sure you won’t regret it! It’s a small but very beautiful village.

In the morning, you can go for a walk on its streets and visit its church. It’s the most important Romanesque building from the XII Century. There are only two churches like this inSpain. It’s an authentic jewel!

After that, you can have lunch in one of the three restaurants. Their food is tasty and healthy and not specially expensive. You’ll be full and content when you finish eating!

In the afternoon, I recommend that you go to see the part of the river. You can enjoy its nature. There are a lot of different trees, a long path along the bank of the river and an area to sit and relax while you’re breathing pure air.

And that’s all, my friend! I hope you’ve liked my article and don’t forget to visit Tirgo because after reading this text, don’t you think you should go there?

Who knows? You may never want to go back to you city!


3 Comments to “TIRGO”

  1. Encarna Castresana dice:

    Hi: I’m really glad to hear news from my village too. I love Tirgo too, and above all it Romanesque church. I’d like to know who wrote the article, please contact to me. bye

  2. Marta dice:

    Hello, Encarna,
    I’m Marta and my mother is Reme. I’m sure you know who I am!!!
    I’m very happy you read my article and liked it.
    When we meet in Tirgo we can talk about it in English, of course.
    See you there!!!
    Best regards,

  3. María V. dice:

    Hi Encarna and Marta,

    I was taking a look of the blog when I could read ‘TIRGO’ and for my surprise I found this post 🙂
    My mom is also from this village and I love to visit it.
    Thanks Marta for writting it and for showing people how nice is our village!


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