Rioja, The Wine Region

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Por Elvira Zaldivar.

La Rioja is a region located in the North of Spain which borders on the north with the vasque country and with Castilla y Leon on the South. The Ebro River divides this magical place where vineyard and wineries form a breathtaking landscape.

It is important to know that the name of la Rioja refers to two regions, one is the political region and the other is the wine region which expands outside of the limits of the political area. The Northwest area is a magnificent picture of grapes and vineyards. Visitors there will find different villages such as Haro with ages of traditions in making wine. In this area they will learn all the knowledge of this art from its ancient wineries, how to plant vineyards with the older techniques to the new methodology, and how to crop them to transform them in the drink of gods. Visitors will enjoy tasting this ancient product directly from the oak barrels of the winery at the same time they discuss all the details of the production process with the producer.

On the one hand, the wine making industry is the economic motor of the region and it creates most of the wealth of the area. Furthermore, enological tourism has been attracting visitors from over the world. They are interested in seeing the mix of oldest wineries and new architectural facilities created with the most modern technology and designs at the same time they are close to the habits and traditions of Riojans. In the end, thanks to this economic development other industries such as the food industry have grown parallel.

On the other hand, the wine industry is not the only facet of this land, Riojan people are much more than wine makers and they live this process as part of their nature. Besides, Riojan people cannot exist without their connection with ¨the terroir¨ and the natural environment that surrounds them. What is more, being a Riojan is the art of enjoying a good wine at the same time that you are relishing marvellous food in the company of friends.

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