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Por Mercedes Cañas

A custom I recommend seeing and following is Carnival as you can dress up as you want and nobody criticizes you. I mean, you can look awful and as it is Carnival, people tell you you’re really funny, even if you don’t believe them.
It’s not only a tradition for children, most adults dress up together with their kids.
There aren’t limits in your costume. You can dress up as a typical clown, doctor or cowboy or as something related to the most recent or updated event in our lives.

Last year I dressed up as a Mexican, very common if I compare it to others. In the parade, that was in the evening, I could see on the first place a group of pilgrims who were celebrating St James´ Year. Secondly, I saw Michael Jackson dancing the Thriller video with something that seemed like a cemetery. Last but not least, I saw the three piglets with their respective houses and with real piglets.
As far as I am concerned, the most original costume I remember was when I dressed up as a pyramid of Egypt with my friends. I was a teenager and it was made of cardboard. I needed much time to make it. However, it got broken quite fast. We didn’t win any prize but I have never enjoyed myself making a costume for ourselves as much as I did that time.


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