Valentine’s Day: love around the world

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Por Roberto Fernández

Valentine’s Day, a tradition going back 1,500 years, is celebrated all over the world. While in most places the day of love focuses on couples celebrating their love for each other, in some cultures activities for singles are more prominent. Couples tend to celebrate in the stereotypically romantic sense, but the games for those not part of a twosome are varied and interesting.
On Malaysia’s day of love, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month, the tradition is for women to write their telephone numbers on oranges and throw them into the nearest river with hopes of the orange being picked up by the man of their dreams who will then give them a ring.
In Brazil, Dia dos Namorados (day of lovers) is celebrated on 12th June. On the evening before, women write down the names of their crushes on folded up pieces of paper. On the day, they draw a name from the pile and whoever they have chosen is the person that they will spend their life with. Then they go about their day as usual.
France’s traditional Valentine’s custom une loterie d’amour was banned by the authorities for being too malicious. Men and women would gather in houses facing each other, and would then decide who to pair up with. However, if the man didn’t enjoy the company of his Valentine, he could leave her at any time. At night, the deserted women would get together over a bonfire, where they would burn pictures and curse the men who left them.

A similar but more benevolent Valentine’s game for singles is common in Scotland. Men and women get together and each person writes their name on a piece of paper. The names are placed in two hats, divided by gender, before everyone picks out a piece of paper. The one the woman has picked is the one who will be her partner for the night.
Lastly, in South Korea, day 14 of every month is dedicated to love in some form or another. On 14th February, the tradition is for women to give chocolate to men. In the same way, on 14th March men are to give women non-chocolate sweets. Those who haven’t received anything on either day get together on the 14th of the following month –Black Day – to eat black bean noodles and ‘mourn’.
Whether you are single or in a couple, a day of love is always to be celebrated.


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