The old man riding a donkey

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Man riding a donkey

Por Jesús Toledo

My last favourite photo is of a old man riding his donkey on the road.

I took this photo one week ago, near Inestrillas, when I came back from visiting a rural house in Navajún for a report for the newspaper.

I was driving my car and I arrived at the bridge over the Alhama River, before the crossroads to Inestrillas, when I saw a man riding a donkey, on the right. And, suddenly I stopped my car, caught my camera, rolled down the window and I asked him:

– Hello Sir. Can I take you a photo?

– Yes, but be careful. There is another car behind you!,  he said.

– All right. Thank you!, I answered.

Quickly I took the photo and I continued my trip.

He was a old man, riding his white donkey. He was wearing blue clothes, glasses and a black wool hat. He told me that it was the last donkey in the village.

At the moment, I keep this photo in my computer, but I might download it on my website… The last donkey of Inestrillas!


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