Restaurant review – Las Duelas

2 de enero de 2011 | Por | Categoría: Restaurantes del mundo, Viajes

By Elena Ruiz Bengoechea (AV2)

Address: c/San Agustín, 2 – 26200 Haro ( La rioja )

Price range: 60,00 € approx.

Cuisine: Typical from La Rioja

Located in the former monastery of Los Agustinos, this restaurant mixes nouvelle cuisine with typical local dishes. The thick, high walls of the building together with the modern and minimalist décor, give it an air of sophistication and elegance.

The feeling of spaciousness will be the first thing that strikes you. Later, sitting at the table, you will enjoy the finest quality ingredients which they use in the preparation of all their recipes.

Be sure to try their celebrated lamb chops with potatoes and local vegetables, as well as the chocolate sponge cake, the most successful dessert on the menu.

Of course, considering that this restaurant is in one of the world’s most important wine-producing regions, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the wines on offer. Don’t hesitate to ask the waiter for some help if you are not a wine expert. He’ll willingly give you advice.

Be prepared to take your time over the meal as the waiting times between courses (on some occasions) are sometimes a little too long, so don’t rush. Take your time to savour each of the dishes and enjoy the experience having a delicious meal in such a special place.

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