Restaurant review – Los Cameros

2 de enero de 2011 | Por | Categoría: Restaurantes del mundo, Viajes

By Laura Acero Salazar (AV2)

Sheltered by the Cameros range and surrounded by thick pine forests, Los Cameros Restaurant enjoys an incomparable location.

Los Cameros is in a two-storey house with a beautiful small garden. The restaurant has wooden walls with wide windows through which you can see the huge mountains and the Rasillo reservoir.

If great are the views, better is the food. You can start with a variety of savory local mushrooms and feel the taste of the forest. You will find also fresh salads and several home-made dishes, like the delicious blood sausage with red peppers. For the main course, I especially recommend the crispy confit de canard served with an intense blackberry sauce and the succulent pork cheeks with duck foie.

To finish a fantastic culinary experience, you can order a soft caramel cream or some of the other home-made desserts. Maybe they aren’t the best part of the menu, but they are still nice.

Kind and efficient is the staff, and you won’t have to wait more than ten minutes for each of the dishes.

The bill comes to about 30 euros, but it’s not expensive considering the quality of the food and the charm of the surroundings.

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