Restaurant review – El Pósito

3 de enero de 2011 | Por | Categoría: Restaurantes del mundo, Viajes

By Luis Mendi Francia (AV2)

I have been spending my holidays in Cambrils since I was a child. It is a small village in the Mediterranean Coast, which is well-known for having nice and lovely restaurants.

There are quite a few restaurants but, given the choice, there is one that catches my attention more than the rest. It is called “El Pósito” and every time I have the opportunity to go there I do not miss it.

El Pósito” is a family business which has been open since 1974 and whose owners are still working and running it as the first day.  Actually, that is one of the reasons why the service is fantastic but overall, the food is yummy. Basically, it is a restaurant specialized in fish, seafood and rice, let´s say that it is considered to make traditional cuisine from Catalonia.

As you go in, the atmosphere appeals you in terms of décor and smell. Several objects related to the sea are placed on the walls; for instance, boats and anchors to name but two.

Regarding service, it is impeccable because the waiters are not only efficient when serving, but they are also kind and helpful.

Concerning the food, the dishes I like most contain seafood; for instance, mussels, razor-shells and cuttlefish, combined with a nice and cold bottle of white wine.
I tried the special shellfish dish once and gone was the desire to eat in a couple of days. Replete and satisfied though, I celebrated my birthday.

El Pósito” is good value for money, it is neither the cheapest nor the finest restaurant but you can enjoy a sensational meal for 25 € per person. Worth trying!

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