Lodosa Festivals: Las Angustias

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Toro con soga

Procesión de La Virgen de Las Angustias

Por Jesús Alonso.

On the third Sunday in September, we celebrate the most popular and exciting Festivals we have in Lodosa, for about a week.

As the photo is showing us, we venerate “La Virgen de las Angustias” and the Festivals are in her honor. I think her statue is prettier than the similar one you can find in Granada. People in Lodosa are in love with her, as well as they enjoy running with the “toro con soga” (bull-roped).

 Twice a day, during an hour, the bull can visit the village, wherever he likes running along the streets, up and down, but not in the country. 

Years ago, the bull was carefully selected in Salamanca, and after running the streets during two weeks, was sacrificed in the municipal slaughterhouse and people were able to buy the meet at the butcher’s. So, first enjoying, afterwards eating, then saving money.

 Today, we pay for 10 well selected bulls, we can run 2 of them every day and after that, they are given back to their original cattle farming, in Salamanca.

 People from Lodosa enjoy so much these days, and they come back whatever city or country they are living in. So, family and friends are together, at least, once a year.

These days are selected for running, eating, drinking, and more, a lot, without ending.


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  1. Cristina dice:

    Hello Jesús:

    I knew a litte more the festivals in Lodosa. I imagine you enjoy a lot this days. It’s funny!

    Best regards


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