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By Sheila Santamaría Serrano


On October 29, only two days before Halloween’s ghostly night, Haro’s language school was honoured to host the most frightfully enjoyable party of the year.

At around 6 p.m. all the guests, students and accompanying folk, gathered at the front door, happy to take part in the wonderfully scary gymkhana organized by this school.

A few minutes later, the doors opened to let in a throng of contestants who couldn’t wait to join in the fun.

Every thing was ready for the big day. The place was terrifyingly decorated in the Halloween spirit, the school staff were excited to do their best to make this evening unforgettable and our people were about to take their places and enjoy every minute of the show.

Presentations, quizzes, crosswords, workshops, along with dancing lessons were just but a few examples of the different drills our guests had to successfully complete to scare evil spirits off ‘til next Halloween.

As expected, people from Haro and nearby towns didn’t let us down. Once more they were the soul of the celebration with that fantastic sense of humour they have.

On behalf of all the school staff, thank you guys, thanks a million for your terrific response.



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