The Clan of the Cave Bear

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By David Herce (Inglés Avanzado 1)

Although I read The Clan of the Cave Bear several years ago in the Spanish version, I am nowadays gathering again with the Neanderthal clan that rescued and adopted a Sapiens lost child.
This simple plot let the author, Jean M. Auel, thanks to a nearly 25,000 years flashback, getting us involved in the private everyday life of a group of human beings, with whom the Sapiens, our ancestors, lived in prehistoric times in nowadays European continent.

Through the Sapiens character, a wise and brave girl, named Ayla, the author shows us the core issue about our success as species and the Neanderthal’s extinction causes.

Although the grammar is not difficult, it may be a bit hard for intermediate students due to the long nature and botanic descriptions, but it is easy to avoid it and keep on with the narrative argument without missing the plot.

Anyway, more than a novel, the book is nearly a prehistoric handbook feasible for most English students and amazing for anybody no matter whether tou read it in the Spanish or English version!

FACTS: The Clan of the Cave Bear is a historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel about prehistoric times set somewhat before the extinction of the Neanderthal race after 600,000 years as a species, and at least 10-15,000 years after ‘Homo sapiens’ remains are documented and dated in Europe as a viable second human species. It is the first book in the Earth’s Children book series which speculates on the possibilities of interactions between Neanderthal and modern Cro-Magnon humans.

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