Krysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy

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By David Herce (Inglés Avanzado 1)

Krystof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy should be considered a masterpiece of the contemporary European movie production, not only regarding the three films, Blue, White and Red, as a whole; but also enjoying each one separately.

The complete project is well-founded on the French flag colours and in the cornerstone ideas and motto of the French Republic: Liberty (Blue), Equality (White), Fraternity (Red).

In spite of being a complete project that should be fully watched in the order established above, the first o the trilogy deserves a specific comment so as to be fair with the best movie I have ever seen on screen.

From my modest point of view, most movies have a lack of audio-visual resources to approach the viewer. This is not the case.  A single plot (I am not considering to give any clue at all) is enchanced to a fine art of expression thanks only to two characters in the movie: the role played by Juliette Binoche, and the music, which is fairly more than a simple soundtrack and provides with strong emotions quite far from any human acting skill.

Finally, Blue is not to be missed by anyone, whether you are a music, drama, or extreme feelings lover, this is your movie.

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  1. Ana dice:

    J’aime presque tous les films de Kieslowski, À commencer par les 10 commandements. Mais y a un film de Kieslowski que j’adore: «La double vie de Véronique», avec Irène Jacob, actrice principale également de Rouge. Je vous la conseille.
    Vous savez qu’il a tourné ses films en français…

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